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EfficiencyIf you're looking to update your current heating or air conditioning system or looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption and costs, then speak with the energy efficiency pros at All American Plumbing Heating Air. Discover how we can help you save energy and money on your heating and cooling costs today:

1. Newer, More Efficient Models

ReliableIf your heating or cooling system is more than 10 years old, it could be costing you more to operate as older systems require more energy to reach desired temperatures when compared to a modern system. You might be surprised to learn the latest, energy-efficient heating systems run at Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) levels of up to 97%, meaning they are much more efficient than the best models available from just 10 years ago. SEER efficiency ratings offer the same kind of efficiency information for air conditioning.

All American Plumbing Heating Air can show you how switching to a newer, more efficient model can have you using less energy to provide the same level of comfort with the added benefit of potentially lower utility costs.

2. Hybrid Savings

Using the same principles as hybrid car technology, hybrid heating has the choice of using a natural gas furnace in winter and an electric heat-pump in fall and spring, which is more efficient when temperatures are more mild.

3. Expert Installations

EPA recommendations recently underlined just how important a professional installation is to ensure your heating or air conditioning system is working at maximum efficiency. All American Plumbing Heating Air's well-trained experts deliver a professional installation of your new system so it is better able to reach the performance levels stated in manufacturer's manuals.

4. Seasonal Tune-ups

Everybody knows that regular tune-ups will help get the best out of any piece of machinery, and heating and air conditioning systems are no different. Our expert tune-up services can help increase your system's operating efficiency, prevent expensive break-downs occurring and help the system provide reliable heat or cool air.

5. Digital Programmable Thermostats

ThermostatEPA guidelines recommended a digital programmable thermostat as being an incredibly easy solution to help improve the energy efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems. All American Plumbing Heating Air can help source and expertly install the best digital programmable thermostats to suit your current HVAC system.  With a digital programmable thermostat, you can ensure the perfect temperature is always waiting for you when you wake up or return home, improving your energy efficiency and offering you a great way to make potential savings on your utility costs.

6. All-of-Home Zoning

Zoning ProsHome Zoning will improve how you control the temperature throughout your home by dividing it into "zones" and placing independently controlled thermostats into each zone which feed into the central control unit. Now you have the enormous benefit of only heating or cooling occupied areas, saving you energy and money.

For more information about how you could maximize energy efficiency at home in Los Banos & Merced Counties and make real savings from utility bills, call and speak with the energy efficiency experts at All American Plumbing Heating Air today.

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