Digital Thermostats

ThermostatTake greater control over the performance of your HVAC systems and increase your potential to make energy and utility cost savings with a professionally installed digital thermostat from All American Plumbing Heating Air. We have been helping Los Banos & Merced County residents to improve their comfort and energy efficiency for over 15 years.

Discover the benefits of a professionally installed digital thermostat:

1. Thermostat Savings

EPA guidelines recommended a digital programmable thermostat as being an incredibly easy solution to help improve the energy efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems. All American Plumbing Heating Air can help source and expertly install the best digital programmable thermostats to suit your current HVAC system.  With a digital programmable thermostat, you can ensure the perfect temperature is always waiting for you when you wake up or return home, improving your energy efficiency and offering you a great way to make potential savings on your utility costs.

2. Improved Control

Zoning ComfDigital programmable thermostats give you greater control over your HVAC systems. You can set the perfect temperature from wherever you are at home with the remote control and wireless features. You can even set the ideal temperature from your cell phone and over the internet!

3. User-Friendly

Programmable digital thermostats are very user-friendly. They feature large, easy-to-read digital displays which feature modern touch-screen technology and can show temperature and system data in a number of different languages.

4. Wireless Sensors

ProsWireless sensor upgrades can send live temperature data to your central control unit and directly to your remote control, allowing your systems to automatically make incremental money-saving changes and to keep you instantly updated on the weather conditions outside.

5. Professional Installations

With All American Plumbing Heating Air you are assured of a professional installation that will allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits from your new digital thermostat. Our installation experts will also take the time to show you how to operate all of the great features it provides.

For more information on how All American Plumbing Heating Air's digital thermostat solutions could benefit you in the Los Banos & Merced County areas, call us and speak with one of our home comfort experts today.

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